Merhis Building System

Our own revolutionary patented building system is a unique method of construction which can be tailored exclusively to your project requirements, saving you countless hours while increasing your profits.

The Merhis Building System consists of structural steel framework and Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Floor and Wall panels (AAC). These are supported contiguously to form the structural floor and wall between supporting steel frame elements in a building.

From design and manufacturing right through to delivery and assembly, we control the entire building system which begins in our very own structural steel workshops. Strategically based in the Sydney Metropolitan Area, we have freestanding workshops which are sophisticated, generously equipped and ideal for structural steel fabrication. We ensure quality workmanship because we have all the mechanical handling facilities, shot-blasting workshops, plant and equipment together with in-house design using Auto Cad and Xsteel softwares. So rest assured, we are well positioned throughout the Merhis Building System lifecycle, from beginning to end.

MERHIS BUILDING SYSTEM, patented technology

We tailor our building system to suit your design.
Structural steel framework prefabricated in our workshop.
Structural steel framework delivered to site and installed by a specialised structural rigging crew.
AAC floor panels delivered to site, placed into position and grouted together by a specialised panel crew.
AAC wall panels delivered to site, placed into position and fastened to the structural steel framework, enclosing the facades.
As each floor subsequently takes form, services and finishing trades can immediately commence work on the completed AAC floor below.