About Us

Proudly Australian, Merhis is made up of a well-established group of companies and is a respected force in the property, construction and development industry.

Merhis has a diverse portfolio of projects ranging across the residential, commercial and industrial sectors including public housing to schools, retail and mixed development. Our clientele includes both public and private companies, including government bodies across a range of industry sectors. Smart designs combined with smart construction methods allowing for greatly improved timeframes and optimised project costs is at the heart of the company.

In respect of business ventures, project activity and encouraging investment return, our leaders and shareholders are unified in their vision. Our management is unquestionably dedicated and driven when it comes to identifying opportunities, procuring assets and delivering outstanding results. Merhis continues to fulfil its promise to create prosperity for valued clients who continue to benefit from our high level of construction expertise and service while the internal scope of our services broadens daily.

We are open to joint ventures, partnerships and invest on behalf of private and institutional investors, providing our investment partners with access to our portfolio of quality property assets. Merhis is perfectly equipped to successfully undertake such ventures thanks to our in-house capabilities including our own building system, development, construction, research and project management, giving partners a distinct advantage. We are committed to ensuring our partners make a profit, adhering to strict risk management policies to minimise exposure whilst astute exit strategies are intact.

Encompassing a group of successful enterprises, Merhis is a highly regarded construction and development company undertaking projects of exceptional quality between $15 million to $145 million, where thousands of people live, work and play.